Every woman today, whether a home maker or a working professional, is busy juggling between many responsibilities. Thus, balancing your chores, work, people and yourself is crucial. It requires multi-tasking and tactics. A VWoman is always calm and composed, she juggles between all her responsibilities with ease because she is balanced within.

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  • Madhuri Dixit

    She enthralled the Bollywood industry with her grace and charm. But her success never got into her way of becoming an adorable wife and a mother...Read More

    Known as “dhak-dhak” girl and for her flawless dancing skills, Madhuri gave up her acting career post her marriage with Dr. Nene. But she had an amazing comeback in 2006 with the movie Aaja Nachle where even the New York Times appreciated her efforts saying “She still has that in her”. The Economic Times included her to the list of the "33 women who made India proud" in 2010.

    Madhuri Dixit Nene, is a perfect example of poise. Like her graceful dance, she now manages her career as well as her married life smoothly with more focus on the latter. Away from all the controversies of the industry, Madhuri balances her facets of life as smoothly as possible.

  • Roop Bagrian

    Mai Roop Bagrian was 18 when she got married. Unlike other women in the village, she did not confine herself to household chores...Read More

    From her involvement in the family tradition of community kitchen (Langar) as well as other development activities like providing civic amenities and health facilities in the village where she dwells, Bagrian has come a long way.

    She belonged to a very conservative and influential family which followed the purdah system.

    In 1994, she also contested for Zila Parishad elections and won. This changed her. She recalls, "From purdah to joining politics was a big change. But still I am very much like any other housewife. I manage household chores and also prepare the Langar (community kitchen) myself."

    In spite of all her achievements till date, Roop is still traditional at heart and strongly believes in her values. She serves the community, manages the family Langar as well as her family. She truly understand what balance means, a woman of poise.

  • Neeta Maxen

    She is juggling between work and family esp. upbringing a kid difficult? Many women juggling between work, hobbies, family and kids probably would agree that it is...Read More

    One such woman is Neeta Maxen. She gave up her promising career when she delivered a baby and opted to be a full time mom. But this decision helped her start 2 businesses. Neeta is currently the founder of Kraftd Memories, a boutique event management company and Poetry - The gift shop.

    On asking her how does she manage two businesses along with a 3 year old daughter, she smiles saying, "I work from home. A huge chunk of the work gets done when my daughter is sleeping or away at school. I also have a maid who looks after her from 8 am to 8 pm. But, I make it a point to cook all meals for my daughter by myself." She further adds, "This business doesn’t stress me out because I learn a lot from my daughter."

    Guess, it is the motivation that Neeta gets from her daughter that keeps her on her toes, juggling smoothly between her work and personal life.

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