Help isn't just a verb. Help is what builds connection. A VWoman is someone who is not ashamed of asking for help and she is always ready to help others. From helping the disabled learn a vocation, to teaching street kids, she selflessly devotes her time to serve others. She is always confident and content, she is always happy to help.

who help

  • Mother Teresa

    "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love", said Mother Teresa.
    On 10 September 1946, Mother Teresa experienced something that she described as "the call within the call". When she was travelling for her annual retreat to the then Calcutta, she had an order to follow - to leave the convent and help the poor while living as one of them. It was an order she had to follow as failing would mean breaking her faith." ...Read More

    In 1948 she began her missionary work with the poor. She took up Indian citizenship, and later spent few months taking basic medical training in the Holy Family Hospital so that she can serve the poor in the slums.

    Her diary mentions that she faced many difficulties in the beginning. She had no income and had to beg for food. She had doubts, time and again she faced loneliness and the temptation to return to the comfort of the convent. But her faith kept her moving on. Today we know her as Mother Teresa. We see her as an epitome of empathy and love.

  • Neha Juneja, Social-Entrepreneur

    It is a vision of a dreamer that makes things happen.
    Neha Juneja is the Co-Founder of Greenway Grameen Infra that aims at providing better and heathy life to the rural women. The rural, Indian women are daily exposed to unhealthy smoke as they use the traditional mud Chulas. Greenway Grameen is a social enterprise that offers a healthier, environment-friendly and low cost alternative to them – the Smart Stove...Read More

    While traveling across rural areas in Maharashtra, it was realized that rural areas had progressed in many ways but cooking still remained unchanged and outdated. Even educated, rich women used to cook on those unhealthy, polluting traditional stoves. This is how Greenway Grameen came into existence.

    Jyoti herself travels to various rural areas to spread awareness about healthy cooking amongst the rural women.

  • Geentajali Gill

    Geetanjali Gill is an achiever of contentment received by empowering others.
    Geetanjali, founder of The Nabha Foundation (TNF), is actively involved in empowerment of women and revival of Phulkari. She belongs to one of the better known families of Nabha (near Chandigarh) and is a divorcee. She took a decision to return to her parents’ home in Nabha so that she can devote herself to the Foundation. She also started a scholarship programme for economically backward girls in 2006. She believes she is helping these girls achieve their dreams by this scholarship programme...Read More

    While her weekends are devoted to the family, her weekdays are occupied serving the community. She is an epitome of empathy, a symbol of commitment.

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