For a VWoman achievement is deeper, something that gives meaning to her life, something that she achieved despite of all the odds, something that gave her an identity of her own. Thus, a VWoman is an Achiever from within and she has this spirit imbibed in her.

who overcome

  • Malala Yousafzai

    In 2009, when she was just 11, Malala expressed her views via a blog for BBC about her life in Swat valley under Taliban occupation, their attempts to take over the valley, and her bold views on promoting education for girls. She was fearless since then...Read More

    In 2012, when she was attacked by a gunman in the school bus, even death feared her determination. Despite her severe health condition, she overcame death and since then there was no looking back.

    Malala is now a female activist in Pakistan fighting for the rights of girl’s education, that too in a place where Taliban has made several attempts to ban girls from attending schools. She recently received the Noble Peace Prize for her initiatives, making her the youngest Noble prize laureate ever.

    Malala is an inspiration for us all. She proves that age is no bar if you believe in yourself and are courageous enough to face all the atrocities.

  • Arunima Sinha

    Are you disabled physically or by mind? Arunima answers this question with pride. An amputee who did not let her weakness or disability take over her, Arunima recently became the first female amputee to climb the Mount Everest...Read More

    Arunima is a fighter. She believed in never giving up at any cost. In 2011, when she boarded an express train at Lucknow for Delhi, she was pushed out of a general coach of the train by some thieves. She lost both the legs in that incident and doctors declared her an amputee for life.

    She overcame this disability by not considering herself a victim, by not making it her weakness. Today Arunima is an inspiration of strong will power and courage for us all. She proves that a person is never disabled physically, but by one’s mind and thoughts.

  • Janet Yegneswaran

    Losing your loved one is a big thing to overcome in life. Janet, as a way of overcoming her husband’s death took this innovative route of spreading greenery around. In 2005, Janet Yegneswaran began planting trees by starting, ‘Trees For Free’ under Rajanet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust in memory of her husband. What started with planting 250 trees in the first year has now grown into a big movement involving many supporters. The community has planted over 43,000 trees in and around Bangalore...Read More

    "I like people coming together for a good cause and I also like planting trees" says Janet. Indeed, she is a very good example of how to overcome your weakness by making it your strength.